Are your Teeth Noticeably Chipped? Before and After Treatment!

Most of the time, chipped teeth are considered to be part of a disease process. Chipped teeth are generally a sign that something unhealthy is going on in your mouth. Some examples are: grinding, other bad habits like biting down on ice, or even the need to see an orthodontist due to a malacclusion (a bite that is off).

Did you know that chipped teeth tell a story? A highly-trained dentist can decipher why and how your teeth have worn and chipped. And, they can then repair it with a long-lasting restoration.

Restoring chipped teeth can provide a whole new look to one’s smile, vastly improving it. Humans are attracted to a symmetrical face, and chipped, uneven teeth detract from that. Visit Richards Frankel Dentistry for a consult today to find out why your teeth are worn or chipped!

Here are some before and after photos of case Dr. Margaret Frankel recently completed.