Charcoal is all the rage. Is it good for our teeth?

Activated charcoal is a beauty and health trend ingredient that has found its way into everything from ice cream to toothpaste. My brother, who lives in Brooklyn, has been brushing his teeth with powdered activated charcoal. As an effective ingredient in oral care, I have my doubts. The Journal of the American Dental Association recently published an article on the efficacy and benefits of charcoal toothpaste, and the results of the study did not prove it to be the panacea for oral health.

Charcoal is abrasive, and may in fact be too abrasive to the teeth. Brushing with it can strip away precious enamel (the mineral substance that makes teeth white and strong) and enamel doesn’t grow back once its lost.

Furthermore, the charcoal toothpastes on the market don’t contain fluoride, a substance the American Dental Association indicates as preventative against dental tooth decay.

While more research can be done on charcoal toothpaste, as of now Richards Frankel Dentistry would not promote daily use of it. However, l did enjoy some delicious charcoal ice cream this summer in Toronto….it turned my tongue black!

You heard it from the dentist’s mouth!

Best, Dr. Margaret Frankel

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CPR is Important!

The Richards Frankel Dentistry staff re-certified their CPR licenses today. Our staff are all American Heart Association Healthcare Providers and we have all completed the CPR and AED program.  Our dental office believes that each member of our team should know how to respond properly and respond well in an emergent situation. We take all precautions at our dental office, but we are ready to respond in case of emergency! And, we can all help outside the office, too!

As healthcare providers we believe that it is our responsibility to help if there is ever an emergency at a restaurant, on a plane, or even at home ( not only at our dental office). CPR can save lives, and we are prepared to do our part!


Your ever-prepared staff,

Dr. Margaret Frankel, Erica, Tasha and Anne



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