Charcoal is all the rage. Is it good for our teeth?

Activated charcoal is a beauty and health trend ingredient that has found its way into everything from ice cream to toothpaste. My brother, who lives in Brooklyn, has been brushing his teeth with powdered activated charcoal. As an effective ingredient in oral care, I have my doubts. The Journal of the American Dental Association recently published an article on the efficacy and benefits of charcoal toothpaste, and the results of the study did not prove it to be the panacea for oral health.

Charcoal is abrasive, and may in fact be too abrasive to the teeth. Brushing with it can strip away precious enamel (the mineral substance that makes teeth white and strong) and enamel doesn’t grow back once its lost.

Furthermore, the charcoal toothpastes on the market don’t contain fluoride, a substance the American Dental Association indicates as preventative against dental tooth decay.

While more research can be done on charcoal toothpaste, as of now Richards Frankel Dentistry would not promote daily use of it. However, l did enjoy some delicious charcoal ice cream this summer in Toronto….it turned my tongue black!

You heard it from the dentist’s mouth!

Best, Dr. Margaret Frankel

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How Do You Enjoy Cleveland in the Fall? Enter to Win a Halloween Gift Basket!

This post is not about teeth, it’s about our beautiful city, Cleveland! I am active in many organizations in Cleveland, as I care about the future of our city and I love it! I especially love Cleveland in the autumn months. In the fall I love to go apple picking at Patterson’s Fruit Farm, and walk around Shaker Lakes looking at the amazing foliage as it changes color. This year I think I’ll take my daughter to “Boo at the Zoo”! I am so excited to dress baby Scarlett, my daughter, in her Halloween costume, but they’ll be NO candy for her!

Please share with Richards Frankel Dentistry what your favorite fall Cleveland activities include! We love to hear how our patients are active in the community and what they love to do in Cleveland! The best activity done in Cleveland in the fall will win a Halloween gift basket. 

Please share your pictures, and/or the activities you do in Cleveland in the fall and enter your family to win a Halloween gift basket! To enter, email your photos and story to or complete the form below.

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Its Mouthguard Season!


With fall sports season comes the need for custom-fitted mouthguards! Here at Richards Frankel Dentistry we can make you and your children custom fitting mouthguards that optimize facial protection when playing contact sports. Over-the-counter mouthguards provide significantly LESS protection than do custom-fitted mouthguards.


Why wear a mouthguard?

Mouthguards help you avoid injuries to the mouth when playing sports such as basketball, softball, football, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, field hockey, and skateboarding.

Common injuries that can be avoided include:

  • jaw fracture
  • broken teeth
  • split lips
  • concussion (mouthguards may reduce the likelihood of concussion)


Why wear a custom-fitted professional mouthguard?

A mouthguard made by your dentist is made to an exact model of your teeth, so it fits! It doesn’t require that the athlete hold it in place by biting on it.  Mouthguards sold at sporting goods stores, or drugstores are not able to create a tight fit to the teeth and are often loose and bulky, thus providing less protection and are less durable. While an over-the-counter mouthguard is less expensive, it is less durable, and is not backed by your dentist’s warranty.

Don’t let you or your children be more susceptible to injury! Have a custom mouthguard made by Richards Frankel Dentistry and let the games begin!

Happy sports season,


Dr. Frankel

“Week #17: Sport” by Kicki Holmén is licensed under CC BY

Our littlest patients love to brush!!

Just a reminder to make sure your kids begin practicing good oral hygiene habits from a young age! Our littlest patients love to brush!

  • Don’t put your children to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. The liquid can stay in their mouth after they fall asleep and cause tooth decay.
  • Wipe your child’s gums off with a gauze after they eat or drink.  After their teeth have come in, its time for them to brush!
  • Keep sugary beverages to a minimum. Sugar causes cavities!
  • Say adios to sippy cups by age 3. Start phasing them out between the ages of 2-3. Sippy cups can cause/perpetuate a sucking disorder, and change the shape of a child’s mouth if used to long.
  • Fluoride is a good way to combat tooth decay. It can be administered by your dentist, Richards Frankel Dentistry!

Thank you to our families who send us adorable photos of their kids brushing, keep them coming!