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The News 5 Cleveland team recently visited us to talk about our approach to whole-health dentistry and what we are doing differently to address the opioid crisis in Northeast Ohio.

“Dentistry, traditionally, focused just on the oral cavity and whether or not a patient had periodontal disease or cavities,” I explained to reporter Corrina Pysa. “But now, we’re understanding a bigger picture. Our mouths, clearly, are connected to our bodies, and they can also be a window into the health of our overall body.”

Watch the full News 5 segment here.

CPR is Important!

The Richards Frankel Dentistry staff re-certified their CPR licenses today. Our staff are all American Heart Association Healthcare Providers and we have all completed the CPR and AED program.  Our dental office believes that each member of our team should know how to respond properly and respond well in an emergent situation. We take all precautions at our dental office, but we are ready to respond in case of emergency! And, we can all help outside the office, too!

As healthcare providers we believe that it is our responsibility to help if there is ever an emergency at a restaurant, on a plane, or even at home ( not only at our dental office). CPR can save lives, and we are prepared to do our part!


Your ever-prepared staff,

Dr. Margaret Frankel, Erica, Tasha and Anne

Authoritative Parenting Style and Your Child’s Dental Health.

kidsFox News reported on a study conducted at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio that children of parents who are supportive and have positive behavior toward their children were less likely to have cavities than those parents who display less supportive behavior. The study analyzed parents and their children ages 3-6 and determined that only 80% of the children of authoritative parents had cavities, but 97% of children of permissive parents had cavities.

Richards Frankel dentistry interprets the information in this study to mean that parents should’t be permissive when it comes to your child’s home hygiene! Parents must make certain that their children brush and floss their teeth. And, for children under the age of six, the caregiver should brush the child’s teeth. 

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Come celebrate with us- new patients receive a free exam ( an $80 value), and this includes children!


From one parent to another,

Best, Dr. Frankel

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The American Dental Association Does NOT Recommend Oil Pulling

oil pulling

A recent study was published and the American Dental Association spoke out, saying  that  “it doesn’t recommend oil pulling even as supplement to regular brushing and flossing.” Moreover, Ohio State University College of Dentistry professor Angelo Mariotti said that some of the studies that found oral health benefits associated with oil pulling were flawed, adding that “there’s a lack of evidence it helps.”

So, for those of you curious about the popular trend of pulling, the American dental Association believes it poses no benefits, and is not even recommended as a supplement to daily home hygiene.

I hope you found this information helpful!

Dr. Frankel


Richards Frankel Dentistry has New T-shirts!


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Our wonderful assistant, Paula, who has been with our office for six years, is showing off our new t-shirts along with her fellow model, Miles our therapy dog! We’d like to thank Paula for her commitment to our practice and for her warm spirit. She always makes our patients smile! Come in and see us in our awesome new shirts!


Thank you Shark and Minnow for such a lovely gift! You are an awesome company and we love working with you as well.


Dr. Frankel in the Sun Press!

Our very own Dr. Frankel was recently highlighted in the Sun Press newspaper for her accomplishments as a volunteer with the non-profit The Jewish Federation on Cleveland. Dr. Frankel will be receiving the Milton and Rosalind Wolf Young Campaigner of the Year Award this evening. Congrats Dr. Frankel! Our office is very proud of all that you do here and for our community! Read the article here.

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