Got Wisdom?… Teeth, That Is!

Today we’re going to talk about wisdom teeth! A question I commonly receive is should I keep my wisdom teeth? Well, today I’m going to help to demystify why many dentists recommend that wisdom teeth be extracted, while some wisdom teeth can happily stay in the mouth.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are another name for your third molars, the back-most teeth in your mouth, and they erupt around the age of 18.

Why Extract Wisdom Teeth?

Common dental issues associated with wisdom teeth include, only partially erupting into the mouth, or being impacted- the teeth are trapped inside the bone of the jaw. When this occurs it is often necessary to extract the wisdom teeth because they can cause dental disease. Even erupted third molars can be prone to disease, as they are difficult to keep clean due to their location in the mouth. Wisdom teeth can also crowd the existing dentition, and can cause movement of existing teeth.

Why Keep Wisdom Teeth?

If your wisdom teeth are erupted, and are kept clean, and are not causing disease in your mouth, they can likely stay put. Just make sure those teeth are kept clean with regular brushing and flossing.

Richards Frankel Dentistry works closely with oral surgeons to make sure your wisdom tooth removal experience is comfortable. If you are concerned that your wisdom teeth are causing you dental discomfort, then book your consultation appointment today!

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Dr. Frankel

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