Our Office Has Modern Technology!



Patients, meet the Diagnodent! For those of you who are not yet acquainted with the Diagnodent, it is an amazing little piece of technology that our office uses! The Diagnodent (manufactured by Kavo) is a safe and accurate cavity detection device. The Diagnodent laser can detect a cavity before an xray can! This noninvasive device allows the dentist to find cavities just as they are beginning so that our staff can properly monitor, or treat the cavity at it earliest stage.


The Diagnodent can help preserve tooth structure-  if a cavity is found early, less tooth structure can be removed when a filling must be done. Furthermore, the Diagnodent acts as a “laser set of eyes” for the dentist, and can help confirm the diagnosis of tooth decay. At Richards Frankel Dentistry we use the Diagnodent to monitor teeth so that if a cavity forms, we catch it early!

Along with digital xray, we keep a close watch on each and every tooth to make sure our patients’ teeth stay healthy!

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